Rising costs, an uncertain economy – financial factors can create enormous stress on a marriage. In fact, money is the number one reason couples fight. If that leads to divorce, many ask themselves, can they afford a Michigan divorce lawyer?

Obviously as a lawyer, I believe in the vital role lawyers play in a divorce. As a bankruptcy and divorce lawyer, however, I truly understand how difficult managing finances can be. But whether you are going through a bankruptcy or divorce, a qualified attorney can make a real difference. They can help guide you through the confusing laws and court system, provide you with advice that only comes from experience, and help set you up for a brighter future.

I want my clients to have the best representation, so I offer a free consultation, affordable fees, and payment plans to help ensure they can afford my services.

Beware of Self-Representation

Even in the most amicable of divorces, there are dangers with self-representation in a divorce case. That danger only increases the more bitter a divorce becomes.

If you choose to represent yourself rather than engage a Michigan divorce lawyer, you can’t expect the courts to go easy on you. You’ll need to do the research to understand the process, the forms, deadlines and rules. If you become too emotional, you may risk turning your argument into a point for the defense. This happens with many self-representing people, who end up making incriminating statements or saying things that can easily be used against them by the other side.

A lawyer’s job is to understand the process, and represent your case factually and logically in court. To protect the rights of their clients and guide their clients to a fair resolution in their divorce case.

Alternatives to Court

There are many alternative dispute resolution methods that can help you reduce costs. The added benefit is that some of these methods allow couples to work through their issues face to face, providing a more agreeable outcome in some cases.

A few of the alternatives are:

  • Mediation – in divorce mediation, couples meet face-to-face with a trained neutral third-party mediator who helps bring both parties to a resolution they can both agree on.
  • Arbitration – arbitration also involves a neutral third party, called the arbitrator. The difference between arbitration and mediation is that the arbitrator listens to both parties, then decides on the outcome of the dispute. This takes the decision out of the hands of the parties involved.
  • Negotiation – in negotiation, both parties meet to discuss the dispute between themselves. They can be supported by their lawyers or family members, but there is no third-party facilitator.
  • Collaboration – collaboration is the most formal of the alternative dispute resolution processes, and is considered to be part of the litigation (court) system. It is similar to a court case, but it takes place outside the court, and there is no judge. A Michigan divorce lawyer represents each side and works with the parties to find a resolution to their case.

Should you choose to try mediation, arbitration or negotiation, it is highly recommended that each party seeks independent advice from a Michigan divorce lawyer on the agreement. This helps ensure the agreement is fair and follows the guidelines of the law.

Get Advice from a Trusted Michigan Divorce Lawyer About Your Options

Whether you decide to self-represent, or choose an alternative dispute process, spending time with a trusted divorce lawyer could save you time and money down the road.

You’ll want to choose the right family lawyer for you. Many Michigan divorce lawyers offer a free consultation. This allows you to get a sense of their experience, and see if their approach and personality matches your own.

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