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Whether you need an attorney for a divorce, or if you are considering marriage and you own significant assets, look for an attorney that you feel comfortable with and someone that you can trust with your life.

Divorce: Maybe you and your spouse have come to realize thatfiling for divorce is the best option for your family. Perhaps you’re just considering the option of divorce or still coming to grips with the fact that your spouse just served you with divorce papers. Either way, you could be dealing with the divorce process soon, and it is a good idea to understand the complicated procedure and all that it involves.

During the divorce process, you need to make a lot of important decisions that could affect your life. The idea of dealing with divorce and the effect it has on your personal life can be overwhelming enough, but have you thought about how a divorce can influence your finances? What about child custody, child support, parenting time, and division of assets?

Once you’ve decided that your marriage is beyond repair and that you want a divorce, or if you have been served with divorce papers and you don’t really have a clue what to do next, the first thing you should do is hire an experienced divorce attorney. No matter how friendly your spouse may appear to be, it is extremely important for you to hire your own attorney to protect your rights. The divorce laws are complex; only an experienced divorce attorney can make sure that your rights (and the rights of your children) are fully protected. While divorce can be a physically and mentally exhausting experience, you need to make sure that you protect yourself legally if you do choose to get a divorce. Having a divorce lawyer on your side to help you with the legal aspects of your divorce while you focus on the other aspects of your divorce is an important part of the process.

Child Custody: If you have had children with someone but are no longer together, you have probably come to realize that who gets custody of the children is a major topic of discussion. Although agreeing on an arrangement might not come as easily as you would hope, the Law Office of Stephanie Krane-Boehmer can help you understand the child custody process and make it go a little more smoothly.

Child Support: Child support can be a very controversial subject, whether in a divorce, or in a child custody matter. Learn more about how child support is calculated, what happens if you refuse to pay and modifications of child support orders.

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