The practice of family law covers a wide area of expertise, so a family law lawyer – or family attorney – may be knowledgeable in a number of areas. In short, family law deals with all family-related legal issues. That includes divorce and division of property, child custody, child support and spousal support (or alimony). But it also includes working with couples to draft prenuptial agreements, and can even include areas of adoption, foster-care, and reproductive law (like surrogacy and in-vitro-fertilization contracts.

A family lawyer can draft legal documents, represent clients in court, assist divorce mediation and family law mediation, as well as help protect clients who are victims of domestic violence.

Family Law in Michigan

In Michigan, family law matters are handled in Circuit Courts. Circuit Courts have the broadest powers of all courts in Michigan. The State of Michigan has specific state laws or guidelines for many areas of family law including custody, child support, marriage and divorce. If you live in Michigan and have a family law case, it’s critical that you seek a family attorney with extensive knowledge and experience with the State law.

Behind all the laws and legal terms, however, are people. Spouses who have decided, likely with some difficulty, that they need to separate. Children who may be worried and anxious about what might happen next. Parents who want to protect their children’s future.

Choose the Right Family Attorney for You

When you are seeking a divorce, you not only want a family law attorney who understands the law, you want a family law attorney who understands YOU. A family law attorney you can trust.

Dealing with family law experiences – particularly divorce – can be life changing. Choosing a family law attorney is a big decision, and how do you know you are making the right one? Referrals, testimonials and research are key. To learn more, read our blog Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney.

Many family law lawyers will offer a free consultation, where you can get to know them and they can become familiar with the details of your case. It’s highly recommended that you take advantage of this offer before choosing your family law attorney. If you are ready to get started, you can book a free consultation with Stephanie Krane-Boehmer.

Family Law and your Children

Child custody, child support and parenting time can be a major aspect of family law during a divorce. A family law attorney can help you with everything from talking to your children about divorce to crafting a parenting plan agreement that suits your individual family situation, and the needs of your children at every age.

Property Division and Spousal Support

The other critical element of a divorce is property division and spousal support. While on paper these can be cold financial decisions, the reality is that there can be a lot of emotion around possessions, and in particular the family home.

Working with couples to determine what is fair in a divorce settlement is a critical role for a family attorney. Whether through negotiation, mediation, or in court, a family law attorney works to protect the best interests of their clients and help them move forward into the next stage of their life.

When you Need a Family Attorney

Contact Stephanie Krane-Boehmer. Stephanie understands the complexities of divorce law, and the impact it can have on your life. She treats her clients with compassion, and offers the support, advice and experience you need to ensure a successful outcome to your case. If you are divorcing or considering separation or divorce, contact Stephanie to learn about the law, your rights and what your next steps should be.

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