Going through a divorce is often cited as one of the most stressful events a person will experience in their lifetime. Once it’s over, it can help to do a little cleaning and decluttering of your home and your head to start the process of moving on. Here are some tips on what to do to get started. 

Clean Out Your Closets

Physical reminders can be difficult to have around, and they can keep you from moving on by triggering memories of the past. While some of those memories may be happy ones, you want to avoid those that are not as positive. Take some time to clean out closets and other storage areas, so you’re not faced with those reminders later. Furniture or other household items that you purchased together can also go if they trigger negative emotions. Sell them online or donate the items because even if they are painful reminders for you, they may make new happier memories for someone else.

Change Your Passwords

In our connected lives, it often happens that accounts and passwords are shared between partners. It seems harmless at the time, but aside from the potential security risks associated with sharing passwords, it’s better to make a clean break. 

Change all of your passwords or open new accounts, so you aren’t presented with your ex-partner’s Netflix recommendations or left paying for Ubers you didn’t order.  

Reset Your Financial Expectations

After a divorce, your financial situation will almost certainly change, so you may have to adjust your expectations accordingly. Take some time to make a budget of your income and expenses to be sure you know where you stand. If necessary, make a few changes, and adjust your spending to make your situation work in a sustainable way that you can be proud of. 

Start New Traditions 

Holidays and special occasions can be difficult when a divorce turns some of your family traditions upside down. 

Even special weekly or daily routines can be hard to leave behind. Dwelling on what you can’t do isn’t going to help you move on. The way forward is to establish new traditions and new rituals. Over time, you’ll look forward to these and no longer feel like you are missing out. 

Tips For Surviving   

There’s no question that moving on emotionally from a divorce can be difficult and takes time. In addition to the support you get from your family, friends and other resources in your community, here are a few tips to help you get through it. 

  • Acknowledge your anger.
  • Think about why you are angry or feeling hateful.
  • Step back from the anger for a moment.
  • Deal with the issue.
  • Talk to people about what’s causing you to be unsettled.
  • Avoid unhealthy thought patterns and make small changes that will allow you to let go.

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