Dear Stephanie, I want to let you know that I believe your office staff brings an air of confidence to the clients who seek your services.  The process of filing for bankruptcy, at least for me, brings with it a sense of personal failure in the conduct of my day to day finances.  Others have told me not to look at it that way and I have tried with some success.  I’m sure divorce also takes its emotional toll.  I know of that from personal experience, as well.  Meeting your assistant for the first time was a joy.  She is a real professional in her own right.  She instills in me a personal interest and concern for my particular case that makes me feel welcomed and safe… unusual in a many from front office settings.  Each time I call and she answers, it brightens my somber mood about this legal matter and she adds her own bright sense of well being to my day.  You are blessed having her as a wonderful asset to your practice!  I have been well pleased with this process thus far and have tried to pass out your business card as appropriate to those needing legal advice and/or assistance within your field of practice.