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No one plans for divorce, but it happens to almost half of married couples. If it happens to you, find a divorce lawyer in Troy, Michigan. Ensure your rights are protected and that the process of property division goes smoothly by seeking the help of a divorce lawyer in Troy, Michigan. A divorce lawyer can also assist with parenting arrangements and custody agreements. Get in touch with us if you need a divorce lawyer in Troy or the surrounding areas of Rochester Hills, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston and Wayne Counties.  

Family Law Mediation is a Better Option

When it comes to divorce, family law mediation is the better option than litigation and taking your case to court. Family law mediation allows both parties to be more involved in the outcome of the mediation so that you can reach a fair agreement. Not only is it faster and less expensive than litigation, but when children are involved, family law mediation helps in reaching a parenting agreement that is in the best interest of the kids. 

A Family Law Facilitator Helps Keep Things Calm

Family law facilitators are helpful in more than just divorce cases. To avoid taking any family law matter to court, including property settlements, child protection, child support, adoption, surrogacy, and more, a family law facilitator is helpful. One of the benefits of using a family law facilitator is speed, as your case is kept out of the overtaxed family law system. Often family law facilitators get better results because they ensure that all of the relevant circumstances of the case are heard. This may not be the situation when a case is pushed through a busy family court. Call us for a consultation to find out if family law mediation is the right solution for you.  

What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

An estate planning lawyer can help you with all aspects of planning for the future of your estate. Having a will is essential for the smooth execution of your wishes after you are gone. An estate planning lawyer will help you through the process of making a valid will. After your passing, an estate planning lawyer can work with your executor to go through the series of steps needed to dispose of your assets as you had intended, including acting as a probate lawyer if needed. Estate planning is a difficult topic for some people to talk about. However, an estate planning lawyer works with you to make it easier. Contact us, and let’s talk about estate planning.    

Stephanie Krane Boehmer – Family Law Attorney in Rochester Hills 

Whether you are facing a separation, divorce, child custody issues, bankruptcy, or other legal matter, contact Stephanie Krane-Boehmer, a family law attorney in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Stephanie’s approach is to make you feel comfortable and at ease dealing with your legal matters and finding a suitable resolution quickly. Book an appointment in-person, by phone at 248‑293‑0048 or a virtual consultation by Zoom or FaceTime.


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