Estate planning and willsGetting Around to Estate Planning and Wills

Planning for the future of your estate and writing a will are subjects that many people don’t want to make time for. However, estate planning and wills are important and make closing out your affairs much easier for your executor after you are gone. Find a family lawyer near me that helps with estate planning and wills. Your estate lawyer will help you draw up a will and plan for your estate to be disposed of in a tax-friendly manner. Don’t put estate planning and wills off any longer. Book an appointment today.  

Could a Family Law Facilitator Help?

When family matters, especially those involving money or property, get complicated, it may be time to call a family law facilitator in Michigan. No one wants a family financial dispute to escalate into a legal issue that ends up in court. Family law facilitators can help negotiate an agreement to resolve the issue. When family law facilitation is used, all parties present their perspectives for consideration. The resolution can often be achieved faster and with less animosity than if it were litigated in court.  

When You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Rochester Hills

Finding a divorce lawyer in Rochester Hills, Michigan, is as simple as making a call or submitting a request form on our website. Let’s have a conversation about your situation on the phone or using Zoom or Facetime. Our team of family law attorneys will listen with compassion and understanding and work to resolve your divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.  

Negotiating Parenting Agreements – Child Support Lawyer Near Me

When children are involved in a divorce, many important decisions need to be made and included establishing a parenting agreement. The goal of negotiating a parenting agreement is not to determine how much child support needs to be paid. Instead, decisions like where the children will attend school, how much time they will spend at each household and what activities they will participate in are agreed on. Regardless of whether a child support lawyer or a family mediator is used to help negotiate, the agreement should always be in the child’s best interest.  

When Debts Are Overwhelming, Find a Debt Settlement Lawyer

It can be very easy to get into debt trouble from overspending or routinely exceeding your budget. If it happens to you, find a debt settlement lawyer in your area. A debt settlement lawyer can help by negotiating with your creditors to reduce the amount of your debts. They can establish consolidation loans and repayment plans that can help you get out of debt and avoid needing a bankruptcy attorney in Rochester Hills. Call us at 248-293-0048 if you need a debt settlement lawyer and other family law issues, including bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning and wills. The law office of Stephanie Krane-Boehmer is ready to help with warmth and understanding, and expertise to help resolve your family law issues.   


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