Ask a bankruptcy lawyerCan Your Credit Score Improve? Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer

After filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it may seem impossible that you’ll ever be able to get credit again. A bankruptcy lawyer will tell you it is possible if you give it time and follow some simple steps. Apply for retail credit cards, get someone to cosign your credit application, and most importantly – make your payments on time. You can read more advice from a bankruptcy lawyer on how to improve your credit after bankruptcy in our blog.   

Estate Planning Lawyers Can help Avoid Delays

When a loved one passes, there are almost always a lot of administrative tasks that need to be completed to access insurance claims, investments, property and other assets. Having a will or an estate plan created with an estate planning lawyer‘s help can make the process much easier and avoid delays as the estate moves through probate. In addition to helping you with the plan in advance, an estate planning lawyer can also work with your estate’s executor to complete all of the necessary steps when you are gone. Online tools and DIY kits are no substitute for an estate planning lawyer, so give us a call for a consultation today.  

Advice From a Divorce Lawyer in Troy, Michigan

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful life events we experience. Read our recent blog with practical tips for moving on from a divorce from a divorce lawyer in Troy, Michigan. If you aren’t quite there yet, call a divorce lawyer in Michigan to help you navigate separation, divorce, property division and child parenting arrangements. 

A Family Law Attorney Recommends Facilitation

Except in extreme cases, most separation and divorce cases can be settled by a family law facilitator. Family law attorneys recommend this option, more and more, as a better alternative to costly and slow-moving family courts. Choose a lawyer who is a family law facilitator to help you reach an equitable agreement faster and with less drama. 

What’s Best for the Kids – Family Law Mediation

Experts generally agree that family law mediation is the better path to resolving divorce cases, especially when kids are involved. A prolonged court case can be damaging to children, and though the court tries, it does not always guarantee an outcome in the children’s best interest. Family law mediation allows both parties to be more involved and to take all of the circumstances into account so that decisions are made that benefits everyone – especially the kids. Call us today to determine if family law mediation is the right course of action for your separation or divorce. 

Concern and Caring – The law Office of Stephanie Krane-Boehmer

Book a consultation onlinevia Zoom or FaceTime, or come into the law office of Stephanie Krane-Boehmer in Rochester Hills. Stephanie strives to make you feel comfortable with discussing and resolving your family law issues, including separation, divorce, child custody and child protection issues, family violence, estate planning, will, power of attorney, bankruptcy and debt settlements. Call 248-293-0048 or book online. 

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