Are you looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Rochester Hills?

Divorce Law MichiganWhether you need a divorce lawyer, or if you are considering marriage and want to make sure your assets are protected, look for a family law attorney that you feel comfortable with, and someone that you can trust with your big life decisions.

As a divorce lawyer in Rochester Hills, I understand all aspects of family law, including divorce, alimony/spousal support, visitation rights and parenting time, child support and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Your Divorce Lawyer can help you make the right decisions

During the divorce process, you need to make a lot of important decisions that could affect your life. The idea of dealing with divorce and the effect it has on your personal life can be overwhelming enough, but have you thought about how a divorce can influence your finances? What about child custody, child support, parenting time, and division of assets?

Once you have decided that you want a divorce, be sure to hire an experienced divorce attorney. They’ll help make sure you understand your rights, and help you protect your rights and the rights of your children.

Bankruptcy and Divorce in Michigan

Sadly, Bankruptcy and Divorce can go hand in hand. If you are searching for a “Divorce Lawyer Rochester Hills”, you may also need a bankruptcy attorney as well. When you need expert advice about divorce and bankruptcy in Michigan, Stephanie Krane-Boehmer can help guide you through all the ins and outs of these sometimes confusing and emotional processes.

While divorce proceedings in Michigan are handled in the state court system, bankruptcy is always filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court – a federal court. Two different courts in two different systems that don’t always communicate easily with each other.

Federal courts take jurisdiction over state court matters which can complicate your divorce and bankruptcy proceedings.

Navigating these two courts can be confusing. I will work closely with you to protect your interests and make sure you have a chance to start your new life with the best outcome possible.

Filing for bankruptcy in Michigan?

We understand all aspects of bankruptcy in Michigan. As a bankruptcy lawyer in Michigan, I can guide you through the various aspects of bankruptcy and debt settlement. I can help if you are looking for a credit counseling course in Michigan, or if you want a debt settlement lawyer to help protect you from your creditors. We can discuss issues like wage garnishment, debt settlement and credit counselling in a private, secure and confidential environment.

Looking for a debt settlement lawyer?

You may not need to file for bankruptcy. A good debt settlement lawyer can work with you and your creditors to pay off your debts without the need to file for bankruptcy. Debt settlement can be a quicker way to release you from your debt. 

Most companies know that as soon as you file for bankruptcy in Michigan, they may get little, if any, money from your settlement. Many will be open to the idea that some money is better than none. I will work with you and your creditors to negotiate payments in your best interest to help free you from your debt.

Searching “Divorce Lawyer Rochester Hills”?

Look no further. Having a divorce lawyer on your side to help you with the legal aspects of your divorce while you focus on the other aspects of your divorce is an important part of the process.

If you have children, child custody and child support will be major topics of discussion. Sometimes arrangements come easily. Other times they do not. I will work with you to help you understand the child custody process and make it go a little more smoothly. Take a look at our Blog: Tips on Talking to Your Children About Divorce if you want some ideas on having the conversation about divorce with your children.

As a divorce lawyer in Rochester Hills, I can provide all your family law needs in Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Lapeer and Livingston Counties. If you need a divorce lawyer, contact us for a caring and confidential consultation. We are located just off the I-75 at 2947 S. Adams in Rochester Hills. You can call our offices any time at 248-845-1603. 

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